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A safe home is the first step for a child.


Education is essential for the future of the children.


Projects to help them stand on their own feet.


A safe home is the first step for a child

Core Activities

In the villages that we support there are more than 4,000 orphans. Often there is a grandma or aunt who takes care of them. We also see a lot of thirteen or fourteen-year old orphans who are responsible for their younger siblings. They live in miserable conditions, often in slums or homes made out of wooden pallets and plastic. These pallet homes have no door that can be locked and everyone sleeps together in one space. Especially for girls this is a dangerous situation which often leads to distress . There’s no running water or a proper toilet.

A safe home for these orphans is the first step on the road to security and safety. Realizing that was the origin of our plan to build houses for these orphans. Since 2004, 48 houses have been built. There are still about 450 houses needed. Houses are built in the villages so that the children do not grow up isolated. A basic house costs about 8,500 euros and offers space for 7 children and a care giver (grandma, aunt or an older brother or sister). Through generous donators, companies and individuals, we are trying to raise the necessary funds. For some projects we received support from ‘de wilde ganzen, a well-known Dutch foundation that doubles the funds that are raised!




Education is essential for the future of the children

“Education is the great engine
of personal development.”
(Nelson Mandela)

We can’t imagine that there’s anyone who doesn’t 100% agree
with this statement from Nelson Mandela.
In addition to Housing, Education is an important part of our focus.


Children up to 15 years old can go to school almost for free in South Africa. However, all children must wear a school uniform, which costs 50 euro for shoes, socks and two sets of clothes. When people don’t have this money , it usually means that they don’t go to school. The Zweli Foundation in The Netherlands endeavours to raise as much money as possible for purchasing uniforms. Despite this, there are still about 3,000 children in the region we work with who still don’t attend school because they do not have a uniform. This is a distressing situation that we would love to see change, because we know education is the basis for self-development. When a child can read and write, their opportunities become so much better!

Kidsclubs – Naschoolse opvang

The Zweli Foundation has built three kids clubs over the past few years in; Jeppes Reef, Blok A and Drie koppies. Each of these clubs provide give each, up to 150 children with a warm and safe place to go to after school. They can enjoy sports and games, get assistance with homework and, most important, have access to a vital hot meal. For more information: see our Kids Clubs page.




Various projects to teach them to stand on their own two feet.

Core Activities

Support consist of two major pillars: in the first instance, promoting the self-reliance of the people and in the second instance, making sure people have their basic needs met. For people to be self-reliant, it is first necessary that they have a roof over their heads, access to clean drinking water and have a hygienic living situation.


Our ideal picture is that the people there become fully independent and no longer need our help in the future. The best way to achieve this is by teaching them how they can stand on their own two feet and how to set  up new initiatives independently.

To promote self-reliance of the people, we create various initiatives. For example we teach children in the kids clubs how to grow and harvest food. That food is used directly in the kids clubs. Also, people grow vegetables in the adjacent gardens to allow them to meet their own food needs and, for example, sell vegetables in the market. Other initiatives are:


We are planning to keep chickens at the kids club in Jeppe’s Reef. This way, the children, can eat the eggs and meat.


A number of women in Jeppe’s Reef make artistic bracelets in the building of the kids club, that are sold in The Netherlands and South Africa. Part of the money earned is reinvested to make new bracelets. Click here if you want to know more about this initiative.



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Core Activities

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