Emergency aid

Lack of food

Emergence Aid

Deplorable conditions

Zweli Foundation provides emergency assistance in the form of food and medicines. Hannes Pieters is one of our enthusiastic careworkers who works daily in the villages in the region. He and his team of care-workers take care of the sick, bringing them to the hospitals and offering medicine and food. He has also adopted two children and currently takes care of five other sick children at his home. Hannes works together with Gerard Janssen from The Netherlands. Gerard and his wife Frieda are the founders of Zweli Foundation. Gerard lives in Africa for nine months of the year and has committed his life to doing voluntary work for his Zweli Foundation there every day. When people from Zweli Foundation in The Netherlands travel to the area of Mpumalanga, they work there with Gerard and Hannes.

Where we work

Refugee camp Orlando – Noodhulp

Mozambique – Noodhulp

Emergency aid


Zweli Foundation
Molenbeemden 92
5461 BE Veghel

The Netherlands:
M: 00316 451 663 17 (Frieda Janssen)
South Afrika:
M: 0027 72 704 0704 (Gerard Janssen)

E: info@zwelifoundation.com

IBAN: NL05 INGB0004887566
KVK: 17169737
RSIN: 813857491


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Emergence Aid

New Name

Zweli is the new name for our Foundation
(formerly Thembalethu Nederland).
A short, catchy name with a big meaning.