Monique Janssen raises money for school uniforms

June 2018 – A very special initiative this week!

A very nice initiative this week! Monique Janssen, our board member and daughter of Gerard and Frieda, has nominated our foundation for a seminar of Tony Robbins in Rotterdam. Until Thursday they try to raise as much money as possible for school uniforms for the children in Mpumalanga, South Africa. In the absence of a uniform, the children cannot go to school. The amount on the last day is doubled by one of the trainers of Tony Robbins. Do you also want to make a contribution for this initiative? Send your donation to NL05 INGB0004887566 on behalf of Zweli foundation.

Want to know more about raising money for school uniforms? Go to our Education page.

News Item Monique Janssen raises money for school uniforms


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News Item Monique Janssen raises money for school uniforms

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